About Me
Hello, my nickname is Dr PennyStock, my real name is not important, there is not a special reason to not tell you my real name, this is just for marketing purposes, nothing else, I just think that is not important, what is important is that there is a real person behind this nickname and what this person can do for you, helping you achieve your financial goals, helping you make much money.

I’m a 43 years old Portuguese man living in Germany, I speak five languages, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, English and just a little bit of Italian, well, I don’t speak, but I understand almost all, this is just to say that if you want, you can send me an email in any of these languages, but, I will always reply in English, or, in Portuguese if you write to me in Portuguese, this is just to email me using my Contact page, for comments on blog posts, only English is allowed.

About My Work
I’ve worked in marketing and sales a few years, areas where I have a solid formation, but, about thirteen years ago I began to trade penny stocks, and a new and strong passion started.

About My Experience
Like I’ve said before, I’ve been trading penny stocks since 1997, and, after a small period of adaptation where I’ve lost some money, I’ve started to learn every small detail about how to trade these so-called penny stocks that are able to make 100%, 300%, 500% or even 1000% in just minutes, hours, days or a couple of weeks.

That was when another passion was born, technical analysis, I saw many times people saying that technical analysis does not work with penny stocks, this is wrong, very wrong, I’m 100% sure that not only technical analysis works, but, it’s the only way to make money trading penny stocks.
Since 2000, I’ve been working full time as a trader, trading exclusively penny stocks.

About 90% of my trades are positive, that means that in every 10 trades, 9 make me money. I’ve been doing this consistently since 2000.
I need to clarify, I’m an independent trader, I work alone from my home, I’m not connected with any company, person, web site or broker directly related with stocks.