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GDSI Technical Analysis

GDSI analysisDaily ChartRSI – The RSI has broken the 50 line to down side, giving a signal of weakness, however, it is not so bad, because we are expecting news, and, this can change very easily, also, it happened the same before the bounce at .0043, and, a few days after, it crossed the line […]

ECAU weekly video chart analysis

I am NOW accepting more people on my private coaching service, where I work directly connected with investors on Skype, on a commission based service. If you are interested, please, send me a message using the Contact page of this blog. I have a very limited number of places, so be fast. If you want […]

Penny Stock Pick – COPI

Bought COPI at 0.008, I like the volume and looks like 0.008 is again support point. Happy trading Dr PennyStock

Penny Stock Pick – SWVC

I bought again SWVC at 0.023, I love this penny stock, this is a gold mine. Penny stocks like this one are pure gold, I only need two or three like this per year. Happy trading Dr Penny Stock