GDSI Technical Analysis

GDSI analysis
Daily Chart
RSI – The RSI has broken the 50 line to down side, giving a signal of weakness, however, it is not so bad, because we are expecting news, and, this can change very easily, also, it happened the same before the bounce at .0043, and, a few days after, it crossed the line again to the up side, and, the stock ran to .0085.

MACD – The MACD is flat, ready to shoot up, IMO.

ADX – The ADX has given sell signal, a short time sell signal, so no worries. The lines are all too close, so this is not any strong signal.

Volume – The volume is very low, so no special meaning, the stock is accumulating, and, trading sideways, and, during these periods, low volume is normal.

Daily Chart:

Weekly Chart
RSI, MACD and ADX are all positive, but, flat, waiting the news.

This week we have a higher low, and, a higher high, despite the candle being negative right now, remember that this candle only closes on Friday, so we still do not know if it will be a black or a white candle.

Weekly Chart:

Target at .03, but, .10 is also possible.

Time-frame = 4 – 8 weeks.

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