Penny Stock List

Penny stock list for April 29, 2011


Attention to these penny stocks:

CBAI – It’s trading sideways with support at .0019, hold.

CBIS – It has confirmed resistance at .06, will trade sideways, hold.

CCTC – It’s trading sideways, possible support at .027, hold.

DNAD – It’s trading sideways, will run soon, hold.

EVCA – It has bounced yesterday, possible breakout of the MA200 today, hold.

EXTO – It has made a High Wave, this means very strong indecision, possible bounce, but, also possible drop, hold.

FBCD – It’s trading sideways, hold.

FCSC – I detected a good support at 1.20, and resolved not sell, I want to sell at 1.40 or higher, hold.

GHLV – This is MM manipulation to buy a few more cheap shares before the breakout of the MA200, I haven’t any doubt that it will break the MA200 soon, possibly today, hold.

MCLN – It has confirmed resistance at .0055, will trade sideways, hold.

MDGC – It has tested the support at .003, the reaction was good, possible bounce today, hold.

OTOW – It’s trading sideways, hold.

RCMH – As I said yesterday, it has broken the PAR SAR, but, still needs to close above .011, an important resistance point, hold.

SFSH – The stock is trading on the grey market, the company will soon provide the documents to trade again on the OTCBB, hold.

TNEN – It’s trading sideways, will run soon, hold.

VPRO – As I said yesterday, it has confirmed the double bottom at .065 – .0655, will recover in the next days, hold.

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2 Responses to “Penny Stock List”

  1. Lee says:

    what do you think of SKTO to bounce back? I know its not on your list but do you think you could take a look at it? Thanks

  2. It’s trying to support at .0012, but, the signals are still very weak, I think that the most possible is a fall to .0001, in a few weeks.